Established 1973 and located in rural Lancaster County,
(just northwest of Lincoln, Nebraska)  The Piano Factory
has specialized in the repair/restoration of foot pumped
player pianos at affordable rates for Midwest owners of
these fine antique heirloom music boxes. Quality player
piano restoration demands use of the best replacement
material available and diligently and correctly doing every
task so that when complete, the player will reliably
perform for many more years, just like it did after it was
purchased 80-100 years ago. Most of our customers have
preferred restoration of only those parts necessary to hear
their piano play just like it did for their grandparents or
great grandparents. Some want their player piano
electrified. To be affordable to most owners, we do not
arbitrarily dis-assemble pianos, re-chrome dull parts, put in
new hammers, damper felts, larger tuning pins, re-string,  or
refinish cases unless it is necessary and/or requested by the

                                            --Larry Schuette, Proprietor
The Piano Factory